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Winter Polespear Tournament 2017

Atlas Environmental is very excited to bring you another opportunity to take part in the Habitat Conservation Plan by removing invasive fish and snails.

The Winter Polespear Tournament will be THREE WEEKS LONG, beginning on Wednesday, November 1st, and ending on Tuesday, November 21st. THIS TOURNAMENT CAPS OUT AT 50 PARTICIPANTS! 

Participants will be allowed to register for 3 time slots, each time slot 5 hours long. After you have registered on eventbee, email Nick Menchaca at to sign up for your time slots. Don't pass up on your only legal opportunity to spearfish in the upper San Marcos River!

Register ASAP! 
REGISTRATION: will be announced soon

Upper section: Salt Grass to Upper Rio Vista

Lower Section: Rio Vista Falls to i35

We will have prizes for:

--Most weight removed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

--Top Haul 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

--Most plecostomus

--Most tilapia

--Heaviest plecostomus

--Heaviest tilapia

--Shortest plecostomus (Precision shot!)

--Shortest tilapia (Precision shot!)

--Most snails

--Most trash removed

Participants with substantial results will have the opportunity to volunteer with Atlas Environmental year round and continue removing invasive species.

Rules & Regulations:
- - Ages 18 and up - -

•Polespears under 6ft only.

•No spear guns or Hawaiian slings.

•ALWAYS dive with a friend either in the water or on the banks monitoring close by.

•Let someone know when/where you plan on diving and when you will return.

•A valid Texas fishing license and Drivers License or ID card are required on person.

•Spearfishing of species other than targeted species is prohibited. 

•You must spearfish in designated section of river and during time scheduled only. 

•No violations of park ordinances or state laws are permitted. 

•You must maintain 30 feet clearance between yourself and others while spearing.

•It is your responsibility to have a stringer or some other means of holding your haul.

•The upper section starts at Salt Grass and ends before the first chute at Rio Vista.

•The lower section begins at the first pool at Rio Vista falls and ends at IH 35.

•Game Wardens and Park Rangers will be out enforcing ordinances and laws.

•At the end of your time slot, bring your haul to weigh in at 305 Riverside Dr.

These tournaments have been a great success removing over 1,015 lbs of invasive fish out of the San Marcos River through the past 6 tournaments.

Total invasive biomass to date through tournaments:
Plecostomus: 1,745 at 872.88 lbs
Tilapia: 80 at 144.83 lbs
Total: 1,015.32 lbs

Spring 17'
Plecostomus: 320 at 135.54 lbs
Tilapia: 3 at 7.25 lbs
Total: 142.79 lbs

Winter 16' 
Plecostomus: 311 at 121.8 lbs
Tilapia: 0
Total: 121.8 lbs

Spring '16 
Plecostomus: 319 at 161.32 lbs
Tilapia: 5 at 7.56 lbs
Total: 168.88 lbs

Winter '15
Plecostomus: 397 at 229.59 lbs
Tilapia: 35 at 71.24 lbs
Total: 303.3 lbs

Spring '15
Plecostomus: 160 at 104 lbs
Tilapia: 29 at 49 lbs
Total: 153 lbs

Winter '14
Plecostomus: 238 at 118.25 lbs
Tilapia: 8 at 9.78 lbs
Total: 128 lbs



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